The Funeral Centre

The funeral parlor The Last Honor includes accommodation for the exposition of the deceased, the keeping of farewell ceremonies, condolence visits and space for contemplation. The funeral home also contains office and service spaces and a garage. A separate service circuit provides access to the visiting rooms.

Visitors enter the funeral home via a forecourt with plane trees, which is illuminated at night. The building is characterized by the special entrance and the use of a robust brick with masonry bonding as a tweedfabric. A sequence of consecutive spaces offer a transition from the daily hustle and bustle to an atmosphere of peace and contemplation. The atmosphere of the interior is of a serene, mild monumentality. Here and there in the entrance area are slender pillars, which merge smoothly into the stucco of the ceiling. The space is light and open, but also evokes intimacy and dignity. Via the glass lantern in the roof of the auditorium, the light strip along the outer wall,. And via the domes in the roof, filtered, heavenly light flows.

Photography: Tom Croes
©Molenaar & Van Winden architecten