The area of Duindigt in the municipality of Wassenaar will be redeveloped into a new urban quarter for embassies, now spread in the Hague, the city of the Dutch Government and international justice.
The Equestrian Club’s aims to create a mixed-use development with a strong focus on equestrian sports and related functions. The Duindigt equestrian estate is the only place in the Netherlands where you find a variety of sports like trotting, jumping, racing and polo-games.
The new club will be a high end international equestrian center, able to host all kinds of social events, and it will significantly add to the cultural life focusing on being a meeting point for the embassies networks of all nations.

The Royal Equestrian Club is located in a beautiful forested area, just behind the dunes and the Dutch coast. It is a few minutes from the highway linking The Hague and Amsterdam. Close to the Club, recently the new Embassy of the USA has been built and allocated. More Embassies will move to the area.

Landlord Walter Joachim Jochems started the racing track on his country estate and opened it to the public in 1906. Since then buildings and stables were added on an adhoc basis. The new design aims to redevelop the area and bring a variety of functions under one roof. The tribune facilitates seats for 2500-4000 persons.
The second floor provides multi-usage lodges for embassies in the luxury, business and standard category. The lodges are linked by a promenade, in the middle a meet and greet area and multi-functional indoor space for events with a spectacular view on the racing track on the one hand and the coastline on the other.

Underneath the tribune, on the ground level one will find restaurants, an equestrian related shopping centre, a museum, wall of fame, after school childcare facilities and office spaces. In the middle a spectacular go through entrance for the equestrians and official ceremonies.

Behind the tribune stables are located in a secured, conditioned and closed area. The stables are equipped with a fully automatic manure cleaning system and an underground storage system producing biogas.
On ground level there will be accommodation and amenities for the equestrians and their staff.

The one roof being 350 meter long, is covered with a green roof alternated with glass areas containing photo voltaic cells. Thermal storage provides an energy-efficient, reliable, affordable way to heat and cool the indoor spaces.

The spectacular roof unites building and landscape.